Monday, January 31, 2011

The Amazing Claddagh Ring

It was my first shopping experience for wedding jewellery and I had no earlier chance to visit to a jewellery shop ever earlier.
Instead of not certainly being a great sport for me the thing that amazed me was the showcase desk of that jewellery store which had an immaculate collection of traditional Irish ring called Claddagh ring wherefrom we were supposed to choose one for my friends wedding.
It is said about Claddagh ring that it symbolizes the idea of ‘let love and friendship reign’ which is associated with its classic fable of a 17th century Queen’s wedding and the place of its origination the Irish fishing village.
 What impressed me way the saying, rather commercially a tagline with the jewellery case which said “With a token of love so precious, committed to the utmost pleasing charm of your beloved, and the melting vibes of affection that you both derive, you own it the moment you touch it.”
Restoring all those vibes of affection and attempting yet another chance to woo even after couple of years of wedding both of us walked away with the Claddagh ring and rest all was sincerely nice for us.


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  1. Gorgeous and what a fabulous sentiment behind the ring! Thanks for visiting my blog - makes my day. :)