Thursday, October 31, 2013

Choyt Wins Sustainable Leadership Summit Award

RAPAPORT... Marc Choyt, the president of Reflective Images Inc., was recognized by New Mexico Business Weekly and the New Mexican Green Chamber of Commerce for his sustainability leadership in the jewelry sector. (Browse the winners from all categories.)  Choyt is a designer and co-founder of Fair Jewelry Action (FJA), which promotes ethical and fair trade jewelry practices by advocating traceability and transparency in the jewelry supply chain.
Choyt has published numerous articles on ethical jewelry, speaks regularly on the subject and is working with international agencies to bring fair trade gold  into the North American market.  He has also led an international committee to develop fair trade jewelry manufacturing standards and principles. reflective images
“Our work comes out of concern for the earth as well as artisanal craft and tradition,” said Choyt.  “If you walk through the studio, you will see mallets and stamps that hang from cottonwood stumps and forged anvils from the 19th century.   We use the same hand tools that you would have found on a jewelers bench a hundred years ago and we view our business as a community that must benefit human communities without harming ecosystems.”
So far, FJA has more than 50 members who are pioneering the ethical sourcing jewelry movement, according to Choyt.  FJA’s objective is to direct more of the wealth creation of the jewelry sector toward regenerating local economies in small-scale artisan producer communities, as well as supporting their cultural integrity and assuring environmental sustainability.
Choyt co-owns Reflective Images with his wife, Helen Chantler, who is the lead designer for the firm.  Reflective Images was founded in 1995 and operates a gallery and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The company specializes in unique artisan wedding and engagement rings, made with all recycled metals, and ''conflict-free'' diamonds from Canada.

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